Alignment in a Loud World

In this world there is constant Chaos and that is intentional. It’s there to keep us distracted form our souls purpose which is to align, uplift and explore our existence in our highest expression.

You’re here for two reasons. The first is because you are a spiritually guided business woman and the second because you support spiritually guided business women. Either way, this post is for you.

It may not be new to you that getting quiet and slowing down is the only way that we, as the people of this sisterhood (and support system), will be able to serve the collective in the ways that we are meant to. Are we carving out that time, though? Are we sitting in stillness and getting comfortable with the silence so that our souls can shine through and heal guide us?

This writer personally doesn’t enough, and so this message goes right to the heart of you, dear reader. From one Soul Guided Business Woman to another I ask that this week you slow down and turn off the noise. Breathe in the beauty of this very now moment, the divinity in all of it, the magic in all of it and embrace what it meant to be alive right now.

Allowing ourselves to live too much in the future of what we want to create can create lack and stall us from action. Allowing the past to weigh us down keeps us also from taking action.

So, sweet Soul. Sit in the stillness this week and claim a victory every single time you do, even if its only for 90 seconds.

You’re Worth It.

So you need some help with Spirituality?

With the concept of spirituality becoming more and more available, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to have so many resourced. Lively is pleased to showcase a Minority Woman business with so much heart and passion for supporting other women.

Cosmic Reflections is a Minority Woman owned E-commerce Self-Care store.
The CEO and Founder, Gabriela Ferguson like many other latino brothers and sisters was brought to the United States as a young girl and was inculcated away from her own culture and spirituality as she did her best to weave herself into the system here in the United States. Fast forward to her adult life many years later she found herself unable to escape an environment many of us are familiar with; working endless hours, still unable to make ends meet. Not enough time with her family and Friends while also raising 3 children. It wasn’t until Gabriela started to get back in touch with her “Fe” or “Vibrational Vortex” that Gabriela’s life started to turn around. Gabriela and her husband joined paths, shortly after they had their first child together, that pushed them to dream bigger… Soon after they opened a small business, with its main mission being to help communities around them through financial services and education. With that good intention their
business boomed and has brought this power couple and their five children where they are today. One thing that helped Gabriela navigate these important chapters of her life was her connection to her spirituality, which she felt at some point had grown faint from being pulled through the terrain of what one would call life.

Gabriela started to reflect on her life experiences and felt called to do something that would help aid in the reconnection of the people and their spirituality. This is when Cosmic Reflections was born “Gabriela thought about having one place that could combine both education and tools that would help people connect to the power and spirituality she knows is inside each and every one of us.” She
quickly got to work- thinking about all the life lessons she has overcome in the past couple of years, combined with the wondrous moments she has shared with others in discovering her own internal power while on her path to the VORTEX. She didn’t want to limit people to her own experiences and decided for the most important part of Cosmic Reflections to be her blog, where she features people of
different backgrounds and spiritualities to share their knowledge and reflections in a community-based matter.

From there- Gabriela took the task of integrating the ingredients, tools and knowledge all on her store front so people aren’t left with the task of having to search for these items through the depths of the internet. “When I was starting my journey, I would study the teachings of people like Abraham Hicks,
Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins or books like The Secret or Think and Grow Rich, from there I was left with the task to seek out the tools or ingredients I needed to complete these faith-based activities whether it was manifesting for myself or creating things like jewelry for protection. It was fun, but I then realized how
this may not be the most convenient thing for the average person who has to juggle work and many other things at once. I knew if I wanted to make a difference, I needed to make it easier, because we are all undergoing our own journey, I wanted to be able to help others not just financially anymore but
spiritually as well…I wish I had something like this when I was starting out.”

is NOW OPEN, still in its early stages, but Gabriela has been touched by the feedback she has received from her customers. “I know running an online store can be a lot of work, but I believe like all things in life- when done with GOOD intention, It will blossom into something beautiful for the community. I am
looking forward to being a small but sturdy stepping-stone in people’s vibrational path to the Vortex.

“Your alignment to Source energy”


Interviewed by Amanda Martinez